E-flite Blade 130X Review

Behold the greatness that is the Blade 130X! Honestly, this little heli deserves all the praise we can heap on it. We were expecting something good when we first heard that it sports a brushless motor and a torque tube, but even our optimistic expectations have been exceeded. The 130X comes in the typical E-flite box, the same size as the one for the mcpX. Inside is the RTF heli, one lipo and a charger. The charger is a simpler one than supplied with the mcpX, which is strange, with only a fixed charge setting, which means charging the 130X lipos takes quite some time. This is about the only criticism we have, however. Size wise it's a bit bigger than we expected, closer to a Trex 250 than to the mcpX. Flying, with the stock lipo and stock settings, is just a blast. It feels like a well sorted out, lighter, flybarless Trex 250. It will do any 3D move you throw at it, and then some more! The tail hold is awesome, even towards the end of a 4 minute flight, when the lipo starts to lose power. If things go wrong, hit throttle hold like on the mcpX, pick it up and fly again! Like a live simulator! After lots and lots of flights in which we tried every maneuver we could think of, and most of them really low on the deck, the only thing we managed to damage was a main gear! Absolutely amazing. Of course, if you fly over concrete or indoors, the damage will probably be greater than if you fly over grass, but still, if you hit throttle hold in time, and have a few spare parts handy, you'll be in the air again in no time. There is no doubt about it, everyone needs a 130X. Yes, it sometimes vibrates when spooling up, it sometimes gets the shakes while flying, you won't win an F3C hovering competition with it, but who cares??? You'll be having sooooo much fun with low flips, funnels, piro flips, tic-tocs, rainbows and fast hurricanes, the only thing you'll be wishing for is lots of charged lipos and an auto-rotation hub!!!

Align Trex 600 EFL Review

If you can't beat them, join them, was the motto when we ordered our Trex 600 EFL with a Mikado Vbar unit. We still firmly believe that large electrics are a pain, however we have to concede that the 600 EFL is turning out to be a lot more fun than we anticipated! The build was extremely simple in typical Align fashion. We used the stock equipment from Align (610 and 650 servos, Align BEC and Castle Creations ICE 2 ESC) with no issues so far. There are plenty of nice details, like the sliding battery tray mechanism and the servo placement. Using two, admittedly heavy, Hacker 6s 3800 mah lipos, this heli weighed in at a pretty hefty 4,4 kg ready to fly. When it comes to flying, the secret to having fun with this kind of helicopter is to set the flybarless settings to insane and to use the available power, which is a lot, for all kinds of crazy maneuvers. You can of course just fly it around in circuits since it tracks perfectly due to the relatively high weight, but the real fun begins when you go to a 100% flat throttle curve (about 2400 main rotor rpm) and slap it, smack it, bang it and abuse it as much as you can. In conclusion, still heavy, still a pain to charge those big lipos, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

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Align DFC Flybarless Head Review

Installing the new DFC head on both the Trex 450 and the Trex 700 was very straightforward. What's also very nice is the fact that the overall pitch and cyclic geometry isn't modified, because the shorter main shaft makes up for the length of the driver arms, meaning that you just have to check 0 pitch with no other changes necessary in your flybarless controller setup. After a weekend of flights, we were quite happy with DFC heads. The perceived changes in flight characteristics are quite subtle, the heli seems faster and a bit crisper during rolls. We didn't boom strike the 700 even during severe bogging with almost 15 degrees of pitch, so that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. All in all a very nice upgrade with a big cool factor.

News: E-flite Blade 130X

Can't wait for this one: slightly larger than a mCPX, brushless power and a torque tube!!!

E-flite Blade mQX Quadcopter Review

Ok, we know that this is not really a heli. It's a lowly quadcopter! But boy, is it fun. It comes fully assembled, complete with a charger and one battery (two or three would have been nice). You can use your own Spektrum radio, but the small joystick type transmitter that came with it is quite nice and compact. The first thing we noticed when flying this awesome little contraption is how well it reacts to your inputs. It is actually quite sensitive and takes a bit of getting used to, but then the action begins! Fast forward and backwards flight, banked curves, stall turns and even loops and flips are possible. Another nice surprise were the long flight times of about 10min. The canopy is quite flimsy and cheap looking, but the rest is quite tough and can take some punishment. A lot of fun and good value for money!