MSH Mini Protos Review

The Mini Protos is the last heli on this year's wish list. We decided on the stretch tail boom, 350mm blades and a 4S setup. The build was quite enjoyable, everything fits together well, the parts are good quality. Many details have been improved compared to the larger Protos. The links are now perfect and do not need resizing, the head is mainly plastic but quite beefy, and the tail pitch slider assembly is almost slop-free and smooth. What's also very nice in typical Protos fashion is the frame design and servo layout, which also allows for very clean and discreet wiring. The 4S lipos balance the heli perfectly with the stretched tail boom. The ready to fly without lipo weight was 710 grams, which was a bit of a disappointment, making it one of the heavier 450s. Strange, seeing as the larger Protos is a 500 class light weight champion. Flight characteristics are very good, the heli tracks incredibly well, and can perform smooth fast flying as well as crisp 3D with ease. The Protos-typical belt assembly makes for an unusually quiet operation, but seems to rob the engine of some power and autos are, to quote a friend "like auto-ing a manhole cover". Apart from that a great "little" heli with almost perfect flight characteristics right out of the box, and very pretty to look at, too!